Vulcain wristwatches – a lifestyle statement: an embodiment of Swiss lifestyle on your wrist.

Wearing a Vulcain Presidents' Watch will not automatically turn you into a president. But it will allow you to feel like a president. Harry S. Truman was the first in a long line of US presidents to wear the Vulcain Cricket on his wrist. He chose this watch because of its Swiss precision – and because in the early 1950s it was the first watch in the world to feature an audible alarm function. The tradition lives on. To this day the watchmaker Vulcain still produces the Cricket calibre in-house. The latest collections have been sensitively modernised and are shown at the watchmakers' trade fair in Basel. The collections exhibited include the new First Lady. Legends are by their nature timeless, yet in a certain sense they must still move with the times. And exactly the same thing applies to the Nautical diver's watch that was developed in collaboration with the pioneering Swiss diver Hannes Keller, as well as the Aviator pilot's watch. All the collections are more than just mechanical masterpieces from Swiss watchmakers: They are in fact a lifestyle statement.

The location where these Vulcain masterpieces are created

The Vulcain watchmaking shop is located in Le Locle in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region; this is also where it all began back in 1858. On these premises the (haute horlogerie) tradition of creating mechanical masterpieces merges with more modern approaches. The Vulcain watchmaking shop is pervaded with a sense of history yet is also engaged with both present and future. The transience of time is measured here, and small objets d'art are created for the countless years to come. Why not join us on a little trip through time? 



So, can mechanical timepieces be described as luxury watches?

Yes and no. A Presidents' watch, for instance, is made up of up to 271 individual components. These include two barrels for accommodating the two spiral springs that both power the watch and supply the mechanical ringing mechanism with tension energy. Even producing these components demands enormous precision mechanical skill. In turn, assembling them requires the experience, the steady hand and the patience of an experienced master watchmaker. The result is then more than just a timepiece – it is a little work of art that can really stand the test of time. Vulcain Presidents' watches from the era of President Truman's term (1945 – 1953) remain to this day highly coveted collectors' items that can also be worn. A mechanical wristwatch is of course a luxury item, so you should at least choose a timeless one.

Does Vulcain only produce watches for gentlemen?

Not at all. The President is accompanied by his First Lady, which is why we also have our Vulcain First Lady collection with an elegant, oval form. Made from 18-carat red gold or from stainless steel for the more sporty First Lady. She also has a choice of 16 different watch faces to ensure that its colour will go with her outfit. Still more luxurious is the model that is decorated with up to 82 white diamonds. After all, any First Lady knows that diamonds are forever. A date display helps her to remember this fact every day.

First Lady Automatic: Paying homage to modern-day women

The time had come for a dedicated First Lady collection to accompany the Presidents' collection. Their elegant, oval form is a reference to the 1920s, and the Vulcain V61 proprietary calibre is a continuation of the best Swiss watchmaking tradition. The mechanical masterpiece is visible through the sapphire glass case-back. The First Lady Automatic is available with 16 different versions of face. This gives the modern woman plenty of choice. The watch is housed in an 18-carat red-gold or stainless-steel case. One model is elegantly simple, or it can be decorated with up to 82 white diamonds. The date display reminds the wearer that diamonds are forever, just like a First Lady Automatic itself.

Are Vulcain sports watches only for adventurers?

No. But they are for people who would like to experience a degree of adventure in their lives. We offer the Aviator Collection of pilot's watches and the Nautical Collection of diver's watches. The Aviator has the manual Cricket alarm mechanism and also displays 24-hour universal time. To round the watch off it also shows city names so that you can easily find out what time it is in London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and many other cities around the world. The Nautical Collection came into being from a collaboration with the pioneering Swiss diver Hannes Keller. It remains waterproof down to 30 atm, and its screw-lock crown allows the decompression table for pressure equalisation to be adjusted and read easily when coming back up from a dive. Lastly, thanks to its triple case-back that serves as a resonating body, it also features an alarm that is loud enough to be heard under water. Double deluxe, doubles as an ornament as well as an essential item.

So is this in fact the ultimate in luxury?

Actually, no. There is also the art of enamelling. The centuries-old tradition of cloisonné enamelling continues to be practised by watchmaker Vulcain in its limited editions of exceptional watches. Cases in 18-carat pink or white gold house our legendary Cricket calibre V20 in its finished, 'haute horlogerie' form. This mechanical masterpiece with manual wind boasts a power reserve of 42 hours, two barrels and the Exactomatic system. But of course most eye-catching of all are the different motifs in cloisonné enamel, which to this day are still created by a painstaking manual process. There are now only a few craftsmen left who still master this intricate technique.

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