Luxury sports watches from Vulcain: Crossing boundaries

Elegance, luxury and durability: welcome to the world of pilot's and diver's watches from Vulcain. Way back in 1959 Vulcain started its collaboration with Hannes Keller, the great, pioneering Swiss diver. In partnership with Keller, Vulcain developed its Nautical watch. This is a mechanical wristwatch that also displays the decompression stages with precision. In 1962 Keller recorded a dive to a depth of over 300 metres; this was a world record that was only broken in 1975. The tradition of the Nautical lives on to this day. Thanks to the Cricket calibre developed in-house by Vulcain, this is the only watch that can ring audibly under water. It was also taken along on the first ascent of K2, the world's second-highest mountain. The Aviator is a pilot's watch designed for international travellers who frequently move between time zones and want to be able to see the time in their home country at a glance as well as the local time. Both these series are mechanical masterpieces that can not only withstand extreme conditions but are also elegant objects for sporty, active individuals to wear in their everyday lives. Timeless symbols of a great Swiss tradition of the art of mechanical watchmaking.

How does a good diver's watch work?

First and foremost it must be adapted to underwater conditions. This starts with easy legibility of the time information even in diffused lighting conditions. The watch also features a screw-lock crown that prevents any ingress of water into the case when the watch is handled. Of course it not only needs to be waterproof, it also needs to be capable of withstanding pressure. The Nautical is designed to withstand pressure up to 30 atm. Its case is made from stainless steel, or to be more exact from 316L stainless steel, which meets stringent corrosion resistance requirements. The Nautical uses our Vulcain Cricket V-10 proprietary calibre and in its redesigned series includes all the special features that we developed in partnership with Hannes Keller, the pioneering Swiss diver.



What are the special functions of a Vulcain diver's watch?

The precise time for beginning one's ascent back to the surface is absolutely crucial for safe diving. Many other diver's watches are equipped with a rotatable bezel for this purpose, but the Nautical has an alarm striking mechanism when it is time to start the ascent. Thanks to the watch's triple case-back that acts like a resonant amplifier it is impossible to fail to hear the alarm even underwater. A second specialist feature is its decompression table. When ascending from deeper dives it is essential to incorporate decompression stops in order for the diver's body and lungs to cope with the transition from high back down to low pressure. The Nautical has built-in tables for easily calculating the decompression stops without any need for a computer program.

The new Vulcain Aviator Instrument Chronograph Steel

There are six models of the Aviator Instrument Chronograph Steel, and together they rejuvenate the Vulcain tradition of pilot's watches. The Vulcain V59 proprietary calibre has 247 components and is a mechanical masterpiece. The use of different colours makes the chronograph easy to use. The hours and minutes are displayed on your wrist as well as a special second counter at 9 o'clock. There is also a central second display of the timepiece in the centre, a 30-minute counter at 3 o'clock, and a 12-hour counter at 6 o'clock with an integrated date window. This new collection was presented at the Baselworld 2016 trade fair and is waterproof down to 10 atm; its case-back is made from sapphire glass, enabling you to see into its internal mechanical workings. The tradition lives on.

How does a good pilot's watch work?

Since the earliest days of aviation, pilots have been reliant on a reliable, robust and easy-to-read wristwatch. If they are crossing time zones, then an extra display showing 24-hour universal time is also useful. The Aviator collection from Vulcain meets these requirements exactly. From Paris to Dubai, Sydney or New York, the current time all over the world can be checked at any time with a quick glance down at your wrist. A second time display enables you to keep track of the difference between the time in the country you have landed in and your home country. Whereas in times gone by such a watch was absolutely essential, now it is more an invitation to wear the wide world on your wrist in the form of a mechanical masterpiece.

What functions does a Vulcain pilot's watch include?

Its Vulcain Cricket V-10 proprietary calibre consists of 157 individual components, has a power reserve of 42 hours, and also features the alarm function that we developed in-house. It is waterproof down to 10 atm. There is a second time zone at 4 o'clock that can be set by means of a screw-lock crown. The watch has a diameter of 42 mm, enabling times to be read with precision. In the Aviator Dual-Time more space has been created around the Arabic numerals of the first time zone for displaying the second time zone. The other models in the Aviator series feature displays for the time in important international cities including London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Rio, allowing you to see the local times in those cities instantly. 

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